2018 Year in Review

Here's my Y E A R I N R E V I E W (2018) ❤

•You're either Winning or Learning.



  • Started the year off right, supporting others! I saw Loy Webb 's critically acclaimed play, "The Light", several times, always taking someone new with me to expose them to her greatness. (Make a special trip to New York in 2019 to catch it on Broadway there. You won't regret it)

  • Stretched myself beyond my comfort zone and went fully transparent with my celibacy platform, supporting all the adults who inbox me with my first post, "How committed are you?" At times, my life is not my own and my testimony is meant to help someone else.

  • “It's Just High School”, a book for teens and adults that I am a Co-Author on, was released on Amazon.com.



  • "Violet Finds A Dollar" was featured on WCIU-TV celebrating diversity in children's literature for Black History Month.

  • Was the Keynote Speaker for Jones College Prep on "Black Identity".

  • Created and Facilitated a Course at JCP for Senior Students.



  • Facilitated my first "Sprinkle of Love" Masterclass for Adults on celibacy.

  • Presented a Literacy workshop for parents and children at Holy Family School.

  • Was featured on BlackDoctor.org, discussing Self-care and Purpose.

  • Saw Hamilton for the 1st of what would be 3 times by the end of 2018, for my Birthday Month. Threw a surprise Birthday Photo Shoot for my girls and myself for my Birthday (acts of service is my main love language so I enjoy doing for and seeing others happy).

  • Was a Panelist on "Lessons from Women in Leadership" by Vanessa Abron.

  • Was a Panelist for the "Step Screening & Discussion" by Derrick M Fleming Jr.



  •  Facilitated a workshop, "Dealing with the Difficult Child" for Daycare staff and administration.

  • Was a Panelist at The Black Women's Expo for the first ever panel on "Raising Children with Special Needs in the African American Community".

  • *This one is near and dear to my Heart, Speaker at The First Love Yourself Conference for teen girls at Thornwood High School.



  • Studio recording with Jacqueline Horbrook on "Women's Self-Esteem as an Entrepreneur".

  • Traveled to Greece: Santorini, Mykonos, Athens on a Girls/Birthday/Self-care trip and disconnected for about 15 days 🇬🇷.

  • Featured in Rolling Out Magazine on helping teens and adults explore celibacy.

  • Invested in self and met some amazingly dope people at Andrew 'audio' Nguyen BYOB Conference in Washington, DC.



  • Featured again on BlackDoctor.org on "Finding Purpose through Celibacy" for National Celibacy Month, speaking about my Nationwide "Sprinkle of Love Tour" that the public asked for.

  • Featured on 106.3 FM on The AC Green Show.

  • Became a "Published Writer" for Blackdoctor.org with my first article, "There's Self-Care in the Wait".


Supported JustinJ's Organization, “Kicks for The City” at the Dope "Agora Sneakerball" Gala.



  • Featured on Inspiration 1390.

  • Was a Sponsor of Chicago Parent and sold Violet Books and Apparel at Taste of Chicago.

  • Keynote Speaker for After School Matters on Self-Esteem at the Senior Sendoff.

  • Panelist at Gary Comer Youth Center for Career Day.

  • Featured on Loni Swain’s Podcast on Celibacy.




  • Atlanta Book Signing at InkFun.org Children's Museum.

  • Invested in self, attending the Young Leaders Conference in Atlanta, GA.

  • Competed in my first PITCH COMPETITION, hosted by The Chicago Urban League and MillerCoors and...WON 💜

Thanks to a few pretty amazing people

(Note: I was uber nervous about competing)



  • Featured in “Voyage Chicago” for my work as the Children's Book Author of The Violet Book Series.

  • Attended the Hyde Park Children's Book Fair with Books and Apparel.

  • Invited to Partner with University of Illinois at Chicago, training students on Entrepreneurship.

  • Special Guest Speaker at the Griffin Institute Poetry Jam, speaking to teens about the art of writing.

  • Featured on Danielle Mitchell 's Podcast on Facebook Content and Advertising i.e. Transparency and Managing a Platform.

  • Decided to postpone The Sprinkle of Love National Tour.



  • Blog Feature on Genesis A. Emery 's about The Violet Books Series and the Special Needs Community.

  • Career Day Panelist at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • Invited to SPEAK IN AFRICA IN 2019, with my Sister, Rashauna Scott🖤💛

  • Supported Tammera L. Holmes 10 years of "Flying High" at her Gala for AeroStar Avion Institute NFP - AAI Pipeline.

  • Featured in MADE Mavens on "When you Realize Success Comes with Sacrifice".

  • Celebrated ONE YEAR since the official release of The Violet Book Series.



  • Officially released "Violet Makes A Pizza".

  • Panelist on "Unlocking Your Potential, Discovering Your Gifts" for TOGEL.

  • Began hosting individual "Friendsgivings" for a few special individuals who have poured into me and my business at critical times in my growth.

  • Attended PJH Birthday Celebration at The Museum of Science & Industry with "Violet".

  • Called for Philanthropic Partners to Sponsor Children receiving Violet books for the Holiday Season.



  • Keynote Speaker at CSU Enactus for their first collegiate section of the "National Council of Negro Women" on "Women's Empowerment" ❤

  • Speaker and Vendor at the National KidCon Convention at the Rosemont Convention Center for 2 days.

  • Supported 100 Black Men of Chicago at their Annual Toy Drive.

  • Supported Carla D. Brown at the "World Aids Day" Event Support The Dope Radio.

  • Supported Chrishon Lampley at the release of Love Cork Screw new wine "We Go High".

  • Attended 40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League Annual Christmas Party/Baby Shower Drive.

  • Featured in Chicago Citizen Newspaper and Podcast for my work with The Violet Book Series and our Community.

  • Surprised my family with a Holiday Photo Shoot.

I share all this to say, "Look At GOD!"

I spent hours at the beach, went to the movies, practicing self-care. I loved, laughed, and was happy. I made amazing connections, supported a lot more individuals than is listed, and attended wonderful events.

This was also the year I wanted to walk away from the platform, felt betrayed, hurt, stumbled my way through dating, struggled with transparency, lived with friends, felt displaced, and lost a few "friends". Tears were shed, my village prayed for me, I set my sights back on God, my "Why" (children, love, and family) and am closing out this year full of PEACE & PURPOSE!

Winning and Learning, that's what it's all about. If you're still reading, at this point, I want to share with you that God is faithful! I am No Different than you except that I listened to the mandate placed on my life and DID THE WORK.

So, "Look at GOD!" ❤ 


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