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"Thank you for creating such a beautiful and necessary series!!!"

- D. Gordon


"What an incredible journey Kenyatta.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us!  I am excited to be able to purchase your books as well as make recommendations to my new friends who are parents/"

- M. Bill


"I really love your message.  You are inspiring.  I would like to be a writer as well!  Seeing you do this really motivates me."

- J. Green


"This is awesome.  Continue building future leaders with great minds!"

-T. Ejore


Thank you for all the hard work you do, for the betterment of our communities."

- N. J. Lenoir


"Can't wait to see what you do next.  Keep walking in your purpose!"

- R. Hazzard


"Your values and beliefs are what living and sacrifice is all about.  I hope to get to this mindset as I continue my journey of restoration."

- T. Weems


"We appreciate you sharing your works with us and more invitations are coming.  We celebrate your vision and your excellence!

- Alderwoman R. Simmons

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