Every child deserves to play.

The learning atmosphere at Violet Montessori Day School borrows from Japanese educational structure where students are creatively learning math and reading skills that are placing them ahead of the curve, globally.  Our Montessori educational styles are centered around child-directed activities and structured play.


We offer a safe and secure environment.  Our school is built with your child's social, emotional, and physical safety in mind.  We have included safety features to ensure that all children are safe, including staff that is trained in CPR and an on call Nurse.  Speech, Developmental, Occupational, and Physical Therapy are also offered on site (partnered with Early Intervention of Illinois for our 2 year olds).


Violet Montessori Day School of Bronzeville offers year-round full and part time learning with early childhood education programs for children 2 through 5 years old.  We also provide a full suite of ART enrichment such as ballet, tap, piano, and yoga lessons.  Spanish classes are offered as well. We have implemented higher nutritional standards that go above and beyond city and state standards, seeking to produce healthy, whole children, from the inside, out.  All our lead teachers have four year degrees in early childhood education, or a closely-related field.


Our creative curriculum has been created for the "thought leaders of tomorrow"-your children. This is what makes Violet Montessori Day School a unique place for all children.

It is our mission to produce creative, thoughtful, free thinkers and leaders who will go on to leave the world a better place than when they found it. 

- Kenyatta Scott, Founder

We thank you for your continued support as we prepare our kids for more.